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Corporate Dilution of the Meaning of “Organic”

A few days ago there was an exceptionally interesting article in the NY Times on the corporatization of organic foods. See Has ‘Organic’ Been Oversized?, by Stephanie Strom. The story outlines the controversy over the composition of the US board … Continue reading

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Caution on “Green” Claims for Organics

A major UK farmers’ organization is cautioning those of its members who grow organic foods against leaning too heavily on claims that such foods are more environmentally-friendly than non-organics. Here’s the story, by Caroline Stocks, for Farmers Weekly Interactive: Organic … Continue reading

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Silk’s Non-Organic Soymilk

Here’s an interesting piece about the delicate matter of marketing products at the (apparently) fragile intersection of terms like “organic” and “natural” and “GM-free.” By Melanie Warner, for Bnet: How Silk Soymilk’s Cost-Cutting Dis of Organic Backfired Back in early … Continue reading

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Organic Pesticide Food Labels?

When organic foods are produced using organic pesticides, should consumers be told so by means of labels? Many people think “organic” means that no pesticides have been used, but strictly speaking that’s false. “Organic” actually means that no synthetic pesticides … Continue reading

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Organic Culture

Over at his blog Authenticity Hoax, my pal Andrew Potter has some interesting comments about the multiple supposed-reasons for organic agriculture: Why is organic so important? Ask its adherents, and you’ll get anyone of half a dozen or so answers: … Continue reading

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The Challenges of Organic Certification

Once upon a time, the only question we had about our food was “is it edible?” If so, we ate it. Today, an increasing number of consumers have a lot more questions. Is it free-range? Is it low-fat? Is it … Continue reading

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The Ethics of the Cost of Ethical Food

It’s bad if high prices get in the way of eating a) well or b) ethically, and there are plenty of myths about both. And today alone I’ve read two interesting pieces on the price of food. First, the NYT’s … Continue reading

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Breast Milk Ice Cream?

From the BBC: Breast milk ice cream goes on sale in Covent Garden A restaurant in London’s Covent Garden is serving a new range of ice cream, made with breast milk. The dessert, called Baby Gaga, is churned with donations … Continue reading

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Monsanto Wins on Sugar Beets

By Karen Gullo, for Bloomberg: Monsanto Wins Reversal of Order to Destroy Sugar Beet Plants Monsanto Co. and the U.S. Agriculture Department won reversal of a judge’s order to destroy genetically modified sugar beet seedlings planted last year, a federal … Continue reading

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Global Food Crisis

While many of us in the wealthier parts of the world are busy arguing about just which sub-type of organic lettuce we’re using in our salads, or whether we ought to take an “animal rights” approach versus an “animal welfare” … Continue reading

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