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Chef Moonen vs the GM Salmon

Chef Rick Moonen (writing for CNN) wants you to Say no to genetically engineered salmon …I was alarmed to learn early this month that the Food and Drug Administration announced with “reasonable certainty” that a new genetically modified Atlantic salmon … Continue reading

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Will Chefs Serve GM Salmon?

Will chefs at your better restaurants serve the genetically-modified salmon that is very likely soon to be approved by the FDA and that will likely be available for purchase by 2010? Interesting question! For a hint at the answer, see … Continue reading

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GM Foods and PLU Codes

Can PLU (Price Look-Up) codes help concerned consumers avoid genetically-modified foods? No. The idea that a 5-digit PLU beginning with “8” is a reliable guide to the genetic characteristics of a piece of produce has spread around the internet like … Continue reading

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