Paula Deen’s Ethics

Paula Deen is under fire for failing to announce promptly enough that she has Type 2 diabetes.

My first impression:
The kind of food Deen promoted was unhealthy 5 years ago.
It was unhealthy the day she was diagnosed.
It is still an unhealthy style of cooking today.

Her having diabetes doesn’t change any of that.

Information about her on health is personal information, and she’s under no obligation to reveal it. The real question is whether it was socially-responsible of her to promote such food in the first place.

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I'm a philosopher who teaches at Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto, Canada. Most of my scholarly research is on business ethics and healthcare ethics.
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2 Responses to Paula Deen’s Ethics

  1. LD Johnston says:

    Well said. The times I have watched her cooking instructions, I’ve never heard her mention the moderation she now claims to have always practiced; she pandered to the over-eater and the person who didn’t want to hear about a healthier way to eat. A spokesman standing with her on a TV news appearance argued that people who live in the Arctic regions eat a heavy fat diet and don’t have diabetes. He failed to acknowledge the fact that they eat fish fat—very different from butter fat—and they don’t consume the high volumes of white flour and sugar that Paula’s cooking calls for. Therein lies her health problems. I doubt there are many people on this Earth who can eat a steady diet of the foods she prepares and maintain good health.

  2. lbkpeter says:

    Paula Dean has a following of lady old ladies that think she is god! As Paula make million of dollars joking about these heart stopping foods and poor old ladies think, if Paula Dean does it is OK .But she has diabetes. Now she can help these fans off these heart stopping foods and go on her diabetes drug.People like Paula Dean is what is wrong with this countryGREEDY. PAULA DEAN IS A HEALTH HAZARD.She is the most dangerest food killer in America.You go girl, help them get diabetes and sell them the cure.

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