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Ethics of Small Choices

Yesterday, on my Business Ethics Blog, I published a short blog entry about an ethical dilemma faced by a coffee shop. The dilemma — and disagreement between co-owners — was whether to offer the standard range of sweeteners and whiteners … Continue reading

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Ethics of Eating Meat

A recent Toronto Star piece on the ethics of eating meat quotes me, briefly, on the topic of lab-grown meat (something I’ve blogged about before). The main point of the article, however, is to make an attempt to marshall a … Continue reading

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Sources of Calories and Diet-Industry Ethics

This is interesting, and confirms my non-scientist’s suspicion. It turns out that (at least according to this one study) calories count, but not where they come from. The basic finding is that if you’re trying to lose weight, what matters … Continue reading

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Peter Singer in Vegetarianism Debate

I’m not sure which factor does more to make this a lopsided debate: the fact that it was an audience of university students, the fact that it was a self-selected audience that probably showed up already sympathetic to one side, … Continue reading

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Health Foods, Junk Foods — All Processed

Nestlé (the food manufacturing giant based in Switzerland) has just announced its plan to expand into the realm of health food. According to the NYT: Nestlé announced the creation of Nestlé Health Science as well as a research body, the … Continue reading

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The Junk Food Diet (Stunt)

[Spoiler: no, this is not a new miracle diet.] Hey, guess what! You can lose weight by eating junk food. Huh? Lose weight by eating junk food? No, it’s not the latest nutty tabloid headline; it’s an experiment that an … Continue reading

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The Ethics of “Healthy” Bacon

This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here’s the start of the story, from ABC Science: ‘Healthy bacon’ patents raise questions Monsanto has filed patents that cover the feeding of animals soybeans, which have been genetically modified by the … Continue reading

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Is PepsiCo Breaking its Promise?

Maybe keeping a promise is the real ‘Pepsi challenge.’ A few months ago, I blogged (on my Business Ethics Blog) about a decision by PepsiCo to voluntarily stop selling sugary drinks in schools by 2012. Now there seems to be … Continue reading

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Does it Matter if Consumers Understand Food Labels?

I recently expressed my doubts about the power of food labels to empower consumers across the full range of ethical issues related to food. But, at least implicitly, I accepted that nutrition labelling is the exception, the obviously-empowering form of … Continue reading

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Corporate Ethics, Evidence, and Fructose

Evidence seems to be mounting that not all sugars are created equal. See this story by Leslie Beck, writing for the Globe & Mail: Fructose can trigger cancer cells to grow faster, study finds It’s been blamed for a host … Continue reading

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