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Natural Chicken

When is a “natural chicken” not a natural chicken, and what does that mean, anyway? Here’s the story, from Food Safety News: The Truth Behind ‘Natural’ Chicken A disagreement among poultry producers about whether chicken injected with salt, water, and … Continue reading

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Burger King, Salt, and Kids

Here, from Carly Weeks, writing for the Globe & Mail’s Life Blog: The math on Burger King’s salt-busting move doesn’t add up . Burger King has found a way to instantly reduce the levels of sodium in meals marketed to … Continue reading

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Ethics, Evidence, and Salt

One of the biggest problems for consumers hoping to choose foods wisely (and for regulators hoping to help consumers in that regard) lies in the difficulty in getting good, clear advice. Even salt (discussed in yesterday’s posting as well) is … Continue reading

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Genetics of Love of Salt

Salt is among the biggest villains, and biggest heroes, of the culinary world. Too much salt is bad for you (though just how bad is, I take it, controversial.) Salt is also delicious. Hence, of course, the problem. And it … Continue reading

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