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Fast Food Beef: What Matters?

According to, McDonald’s is raising prices to reflect increases in the cost of beef: McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) Chief Financial Officer Pete Bensen said, “As commodity and other cost pressures become more pronounced as we move throughout the year, we will … Continue reading

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In Praise of Industrialized Food

Check out this piece, by Rachel Laudan, in the Utne Reader: In Praise of Fast Food. (It’s worth noting right up front that the title of the piece is misleading. It’s not a defense of fast food, in the McDonalds … Continue reading

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KFC Uses Women’s Buns as Ad Space

Advertising is often contentious. Food advertising is perhaps doubly so. Add to that accusations of objectification and commodification of women’s bodies, and you’ve got yourself a marketing ethics case-study. Here’s the story, by Bruce Horowitz, for USA Today: KFC pays … Continue reading

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Burger King, Salt, and Kids

Here, from Carly Weeks, writing for the Globe & Mail’s Life Blog: The math on Burger King’s salt-busting move doesn’t add up . Burger King has found a way to instantly reduce the levels of sodium in meals marketed to … Continue reading

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