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KFC Uses Women’s Buns as Ad Space

Advertising is often contentious. Food advertising is perhaps doubly so. Add to that accusations of objectification and commodification of women’s bodies, and you’ve got yourself a marketing ethics case-study. Here’s the story, by Bruce Horowitz, for USA Today: KFC pays … Continue reading

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Should Companies Label Genetically Modified Foods?

Since this blog is relatively new, readers may not have seen my postings (on my Business Ethics Blog) about the labelling of GM foods. (See here and here.) This is a topic I’ve given considerable thought, and have published on … Continue reading

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Is PepsiCo Breaking its Promise?

Maybe keeping a promise is the real ‘Pepsi challenge.’ A few months ago, I blogged (on my Business Ethics Blog) about a decision by PepsiCo to voluntarily stop selling sugary drinks in schools by 2012. Now there seems to be … Continue reading

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