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Backyard Chicken Ethics

As far as food goes, you can’t get much more “local” than raising chickens in your own backyard. But many cities forbid the practice. Zoning laws generally prescribe where you can and cannot raise animals for food. But such laws … Continue reading

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The Ethics of the Cost of Ethical Food

It’s bad if high prices get in the way of eating a) well or b) ethically, and there are plenty of myths about both. And today alone I’ve read two interesting pieces on the price of food. First, the NYT’s … Continue reading

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Children, Food, and Indoctrination

A few weeks back, this video of a precocious kid talking about the ethics of food made the rounds. I wasn’t sure what to say about it. I guess it’s finally time. I don’t like to pick on kids, but … Continue reading

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Are Self-Righteous Foodies Self-Defeating?

Here’s a lovely, thoughtful piece from NYT food blogger Peter Meehan: Grass Fed | A Few Beefs The piece consists of 3 anecdotes. In each, Meehan — himself a serious foodie — is either subjected to, or sees someone else … Continue reading

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Food Labelling and Discrimination

Food labelling is generally thought of as kind of an obviously good thing. Labelling provides information. And information, as they say, is power. And (spelling out the unstated premises, here) it is good to give consumers power. But power (as … Continue reading

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Authenticity Hoax Interview

Over at my Business Ethics Blog, I’ve just posted an interview with Andrew Potter, about his new book, The Authenticity Hoax. Readers of this blog might be interested in our exchange on the topic of food, which included this nice … Continue reading

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When “Local” Foodies Go Loco

Check out this blog posting by my friend Andrew Potter, Dawn Of The Loco-Wars. Andrew admits to his, well, let’s say skepticism, about the local food movement. Then he makes this qualified concession: But if there’s one “benefit” I’ve been … Continue reading

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Welcome to my new ‘Food Ethics’ blog

This is a new blog about ethical issues that arise in growing, shipping, processing, selling, regulating, and eating food. Food is a hot issue these days — that is, people are talking (and writing) a lot about what kinds of … Continue reading

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