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Ethical Ranking for Tuna

Tuna. It’s the type of fish most likely to be in the average pantry at any given moment. And it is perhaps the one fish that has most clearly been turned into something very like a true commodity. On your … Continue reading

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The Farmed Salmon Feed Controversy & Consumer Responsibility

Here’s an interesting video & writeup about the controversy over the production of fishmeal for the feeding of farmed salmon. From The Ecologist: farmed salmon feed controversy. The video & accompanying text focus on Peru, and in particularly on the … Continue reading

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Seafood Certification for Iceland

Fisheries are undeniably an important part of the global food supply. Whether they are, 20 years from now, a smaller or larger part of that supply depends chiefly on whether they are managed in a sustainable way. Doing so isn’t … Continue reading

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Endangered Dinner DNA

Earlier this month, the print version of Popular Science ran a really interesting story on using genetic technology to fight the traffic in endangered species. Here’s the web version: Is Your Dinner Endangered? DNA Detectives Investigate In the ongoing campaign … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of the (Endangered) Tuna

I love tuna. But do I love tuna enough to help stop it from going extinct? According to CBC News: Tuna reviewed for endangered status Canadian scientists are reviewing whether to list Atlantic bluefin tuna as an endangered fish, concerned … Continue reading

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Chef Moonen vs the GM Salmon

Chef Rick Moonen (writing for CNN) wants you to Say no to genetically engineered salmon …I was alarmed to learn early this month that the Food and Drug Administration announced with “reasonable certainty” that a new genetically modified Atlantic salmon … Continue reading

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GM Salmon: Ethics, Regulation, and Labelling

We are getting closer and closer to seeing genetically-modified salmon on the dinner table. When that happens (yes, “when”, not “if”) then GM salmon will be the first genetically-modified food animal to be consumed by humans. Here’s the story, Sarah … Continue reading

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Food Labelling and Discrimination

Food labelling is generally thought of as kind of an obviously good thing. Labelling provides information. And information, as they say, is power. And (spelling out the unstated premises, here) it is good to give consumers power. But power (as … Continue reading

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Safety of Louisiana Fish & Shrimp

In the wake of the BP oil disaster, the fisheries off the Gulf Coast are doubly important. They’re a big source of jobs for folks in the Gulf states, and the health of the shrimp and fish there is an … Continue reading

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