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Things that Matter: Drug Residue in Chinese Pork

You could tell a lot about your average foodie or food-safety advocate by asking them to list food-related issues by level of importance. Some people tend to focus on the latest feel-good trend (e.g., at least some versions of localism) … Continue reading

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Global Food Crisis

While many of us in the wealthier parts of the world are busy arguing about just which sub-type of organic lettuce we’re using in our salads, or whether we ought to take an “animal rights” approach versus an “animal welfare” … Continue reading

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Seafood Certification for Iceland

Fisheries are undeniably an important part of the global food supply. Whether they are, 20 years from now, a smaller or larger part of that supply depends chiefly on whether they are managed in a sustainable way. Doing so isn’t … Continue reading

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Endangered Dinner DNA

Earlier this month, the print version of Popular Science ran a really interesting story on using genetic technology to fight the traffic in endangered species. Here’s the web version: Is Your Dinner Endangered? DNA Detectives Investigate In the ongoing campaign … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of the (Endangered) Tuna

I love tuna. But do I love tuna enough to help stop it from going extinct? According to CBC News: Tuna reviewed for endangered status Canadian scientists are reviewing whether to list Atlantic bluefin tuna as an endangered fish, concerned … Continue reading

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Salmonella in Eggs, Rabies in Dogs

It’s good to have the occasional reminder that food safety is an issue everywhere. See this item, by By Donald G. McNeil Jr. for NYT Health: Vitenam: With Rabies Deaths on the Rise, a Menu Item Gets a Closer Look. … Continue reading

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GMO Vigilantes

The world of GM foods is apparently reinventing the spaghetti western. In Italy these days, the debate over GM has turned into a wild-west-style battle between vigilantes. Here’s the story, from Elisabeth Rosenthal, writing in the NYT: In the Fields … Continue reading

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Milk and Meat from the Offspring of Clones

OK, so lots of people are put off by the idea of eating cloned cows or pigs, or drinking the milk of cloned cows. Some of those people have genuine ethical concerns; others are just subject to the “yuck factor.” … Continue reading

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Chocolate, Labour Standards, and Blood

Here’s a petition calling for changes in labour standards in the cocoa industry: Tell Big Chocolate CEOS We Want Fair Trade Cocoa. I’m bringing the petition to your attention, not necessarily endorsing it. I’m not signing it myself, because I … Continue reading

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