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Dangers of Hotdogs

This blog is relatively new, but I’ve been blogging about certain kinds of food ethics issues on my Business Ethics Blog for years. Here’s a topic that has been on my mind recently: hotdog safety. The basic problem is that … Continue reading

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GM Salmon: Ethics, Regulation, and Labelling

We are getting closer and closer to seeing genetically-modified salmon on the dinner table. When that happens (yes, “when”, not “if”) then GM salmon will be the first genetically-modified food animal to be consumed by humans. Here’s the story, Sarah … Continue reading

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The Ethics of “Healthy” Bacon

This is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Here’s the start of the story, from ABC Science: ‘Healthy bacon’ patents raise questions Monsanto has filed patents that cover the feeding of animals soybeans, which have been genetically modified by the … Continue reading

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Organic Pesticide Food Labels?

When organic foods are produced using organic pesticides, should consumers be told so by means of labels? Many people think “organic” means that no pesticides have been used, but strictly speaking that’s false. “Organic” actually means that no synthetic pesticides … Continue reading

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Should Companies Label Genetically Modified Foods?

Since this blog is relatively new, readers may not have seen my postings (on my Business Ethics Blog) about the labelling of GM foods. (See here and here.) This is a topic I’ve given considerable thought, and have published on … Continue reading

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Does it Matter if Consumers Understand Food Labels?

I recently expressed my doubts about the power of food labels to empower consumers across the full range of ethical issues related to food. But, at least implicitly, I accepted that nutrition labelling is the exception, the obviously-empowering form of … Continue reading

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Are Labels the Answer (to Everything)?

An increasing number of issues are generating calls for labelling of food and beverages. In addition to the labelling required by most governments (size, ingredients, nutritional characteristics) there are now calls for labelling nation of origin, carbon footprint, water footprint, … Continue reading

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Food Labelling and Discrimination

Food labelling is generally thought of as kind of an obviously good thing. Labelling provides information. And information, as they say, is power. And (spelling out the unstated premises, here) it is good to give consumers power. But power (as … Continue reading

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Natural Chicken

When is a “natural chicken” not a natural chicken, and what does that mean, anyway? Here’s the story, from Food Safety News: The Truth Behind ‘Natural’ Chicken A disagreement among poultry producers about whether chicken injected with salt, water, and … Continue reading

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